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Welcome and thank you for stopping by to view my page!

As my resume states, I consider myself a seasoned, enthusiastic professional with over 14 years of combined IT and content creation experience, and over 18 years of combined professional experience. I am seeking a position within an organization that offers a dynamic and progressive atmosphere that provides my next set of challenges…

If I take time to consider the qualities I think are most important and those that I believe will be equally important to a potential employer, I would have to say that my biggest asset is that I am a highly organized, detail oriented, self motivated individual who requires very little supervision and has an innate ability to analyze and solve issues independently.

I have found that learning is best facilitated for me personally with a hands-on focus when approaching a given task and I find it immensely fulfilling to overcome a particularly vexing issue without any outside help. Through my studies, I have learned that I am a kinesthetic learner. In retrospect, I find it funny to finally understand this this is the reason for many of the mannerisms I display since I always attributed this to the excessive levels of caffeine that constantly course through my veins! That being said, when learning something new I find it better to rely on actual trial and error coupled with heavy Google searches to facilitate the process. It takes me very little time to quickly comprehend new subjects and this is an asset in any environment.

As one can tell by a quick glance at my resume, I have walked many roads in my career. Today I can say with certainty that I have finally found the area that I call home, though I have yet to find that special technology-related niche I can call my own. Whatever role I fill, I do with a rare level of expertise that is proportional with someone with far more experience and this has been true of any career I have ever chosen to pursue. I can meet the requirements of any position and would be a good fit within any organization. I look forward to meeting you face-to-face soon to discuss what I can do for your company. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed…


Shaun Foster


Project Management, Personnel Training, System Maintenance, Strategy Identification, Consultation, Troubleshooting (Hardware/Software), Quality Control, Issue Resolution, End-User Support, and Customer Service.


317 Moss Ave. Port Orange, FL 32127




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